Pool Servicing & Maintenance

When you hire Cheshire Pool Services for assistance, you will get the excellent service that you and your pool deserve. That is why we have a certified team of professionals to offer their reliable services to you. Whether you need regular maintenance or a one-time service, Cheshire Pool Services can provide what you are looking for.

Testing & Balancing The Chemical Levels

The most important aspect of pool servicing is efficient balancing of the chemical levels of the pool, keeping the cost to a minimum for the customer through safe and effective treatment.

Full Filter & Basket Clean

Cleaning the filters avoids damage to the pump and filtration network. Cleaning the filters will also improve water flow keeping the pool running efficiently.

Vac, Brush & Clean Of The Pool

We would like to think that through our years of experience that we have seen it all, from green pools to excessive build-up of leaves at the bottom of outdoor pools. We can cater for every scenario!

Full Back-wash & Rinse Of Main Filters

Your pool should have a regular back-wash and rinse. The main filter is where the bacteria builds up. By completing this part of the process improves water clarity and pool efficiency.

General Health Check Each Visit

By completing a general health check each visit keeps YOU the customer update with how the pool is running, what has been done on the days visit, and what might you expect on the next visit. The health check is a great way to keep on top of all equipment to prolong theie lifespan

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