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At Cheshire Pool Services we pride ourselves on providing the best experience and advice for the customer in achieving their dream pool.

This journey begins with pre-site visits to look over every option available for the property and space. Although the aesthetics of the pool is high on the agenda, smaller details such as pool positioning is also key in achieving maximum sunlight from the south. Positioning of the pool and mood lighting, planning the pool plantroom, supplying and installing equipment required, we take care of everything to achieve your goals.

From completion, we then offer swimming pool servicing and maintenance. Whether weekly, monthly or yearly check-ups, we are always on hand to provide the service that suits you and your dream pools requirements.

We install a variety of pools, most listed below, but we are always on the look-out for new and exciting products to use throughout our Swimming pool installations so please get in touch for more information using our contact form.

Indoor Swimming Pools

From pre site visits, to planning and design, we aim to work with the customer to achieve their dream pool. Whether a barn conversions or a new build, our team will guide you through every option available to make sure do not miss out any exciting opportunities or products new to the market.

Indoor Swimming pools can be constructed using a variety or pool shells. Our team will guide you through the best options for you and your property. We work with a variety of respected tradesman from Architects to Builders to make sure the journey is not only successful but smooth.

Outdoor Swimming Pools

What better way than to enjoy the late summer evenings, relaxing around your very own outdoor pool. Whether you prefer the tranquil quiet or the grand children loving the water, we can design a pool to include every fine detail you have.

Not only do we make sure the pool looks and performs amazing, but we also have in mind the living area surrounding the pool, maximising the use of the pool and the area. We provide an in-depth colour package for choosing the Swimming pool coping stones, to match your pool area, making the surrounding flow beautifully.

Swim Spa's

A perfect way to have a leisurely swim or for those competing within a swimming discipline. Our Swim Spa's come in a variety of models and materials, perfect for homes with less space available for a standard swimming pool or to keep running costs to a minimum.

Another advantage of a Swim Spa, due to the lower volume of water, is the heating. While you may want lower temperatures for your normal daily swims, the Swim Spas temperature can be increased quicker, great for when you want some down-time at the weekend with friends and family.

Fibreglass pools

An ever increasing product that we are installing more than ever are Fibreglass Pools. Typically in the past, fibreglass pools were seen to be dull and very standard. Over time, these products have evolved dramatically! Standard colours now look luxurious, cost prices still remain competitive, and running costs are lowered with greater insulation.

Counter current systems can be fitted with some fibreglass manufacturers that we deal with too, ticking lots of boxes for those wanting their own home swimming pool.

Stainless Steel Pools

Made-to-measure, either above ground, semi-submerged or totally flush with the floor, the Stainless Swimming pools are a dream for any home owner. These pools can be manufactured to any specification, including counter current swimming jets upto 25m full size swimming pool.

Stainless Swimming Pools are seen as a luxurious product with sleek stylish designs and have the adaptability to work in any landscape you have available.

Liner Pools

Probably the most popular product due to quality, affordability and lead time are Liner Swimming Pools. Liner pools have also transformed over the years! A typical bag liner may have a thickness of 0.4mm, where the reinforced liners are sometimes upto 2.0mm thick, with a 15 year guarantee, showing just how confident manufacturers are of quality and longevity.

Design and colours with swimming pool liners are endless. From traditional 3d mosaic tiles to modern stone effects, these liners have to be an option for most looking to have their own pool. An ever growing part of our business is replacing old bag liners for new reinforced liner, check out our Swimming Pool refurb section for more information.

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